What does the scholarship cover?

  • Monthly subsitence allowance

The amount of the subsistence allowance depends of the level of studies :

- Bachelor and Master level : 1,000€ per month

- Doctorate level : 1,500€ per month

- Post-doctorate level : 1,800€ per month

- Academic Staff : 2,500€ per month

  • Travel costs
Université de Nantes, as consortium coordinator for the project, will arrange the travel tickets for all grantees. Therefore, one return ticket in economy class will be purchased for each participant and self-purchased tickets will not be reimbursed.
Visa costs will also be reimbursed to each grantholder.

  • Insurance

Université de Nantes, as consortium coordinator, will provide all grantholders with an insurance that respects the minimum requirements and that will cover the all mobility period.

  • Participation costs

No tuition or registration fees will be requested by the hosting universities to any of the participants, at any level, even for short-term mobility. They may cover registration fees, additional library, student unions, language courses costs etc., on an equal basis to those charged to local and international students.

How many scholarships are offered?

The E-GOV-TN project will benefit 2 target groups :

- Target Group 1 (TG1): students/staff need to be registered at one of the E-GOV-TN partner universities. Undergraduate students must have successfully completed at least one year of studies in their home institution (application for a 3rd year of Undergraduate studies only)

Target Group 2 (TG2): NEW! (only for European candidates)
Students need either to be registered in a European higher education institution that is not included in the partnership or to have obtained a university degree or equivalent from a European higher education institution (not available at Undergraduate level).
Staff need to be working in or be associated to a European higher education institution that is not included in the partnership.

Duration of the scholarships

From Tunisia to Europe* :
  • Bachelor : 6 months or 10 months (TG1)
From Tunisia to EU      

 Bachelor        13

From Europe to Tunisia* :
  • Bachelor : 6 months (TG1 only)
  • Master : 10 months (TG1&TG2)
  • Post-doctorate : 10 months (TG1&TG2)
  • Staff : 1 to 3 months (TG1&TG2)
 From EU to Tunisia TG1 & TG2  
 Bachelor (TG1)
 Master 6
 Doctorate -
 Post-doc 3
*Changes in the number of available scholarships and durations may occur.