Tunisian candidates need to obtain a visa to enter the European country of the host university. A visa is not required for the European candidates going on mobility to Tunisia.

The visa procedure can be long, so it is important to start the procedure as soon as possible. You need to prepare the documents required for the visa, and contact the Embassy of your host country in Tunisia. Your travel tickets can not be booked until you have obtained your visa.

Remember to add to your visa application the award letter sent by Université de Nantes as well as the acceptation letter sent by your host university. These documents include detailed information on your mobility that the embassies often require in order to admit a visa.

Also, make sure that your passport is valid for the whole duration of your mobility and up to 6 months after the end of the mobility. A visa might be refused if the passport's expiry date is before the end date of your mobility.

Visa application for France

Selected students (Bachelor & Master only) must first go through the special procedure for grantees through Campus France, before applying for a visa in the Embassy.
Post-doctorate and staff grantholders must directly go through the visa application procedure with the Embassy.

Campus France
Embassy of France in Tunisia

Visa application procedure for Poland

You will receive an additional document sent by Université de Nantes to support your visa application. 

Before filing your application, make sure that it includes all the required documents. Otherwise you will need to start the visa procedure from the beginning, since the Embassy of Poland in Tunisia will not accept any additional documents afterwards.

Embassy of Poland in Tunisia

Visa application for Spain

Embassy of Spain delivers visa for a duration of 3 months. This is the normal procedure. Once you have arrived to Spain, you must immediately apply for a residence permit that covers the whole duration of your mobility.

Embassy of Spain in Tunisia


Please send to Université de Nantes (erasmus.mundus@univ-nantes.fr) and your host university E-GOV-TN coordinator a scanned copy of your visa as soon as you obtain it.

Université de Nantes will then book the travel tickets (a return ticket), as well as the insurance covering your mobility period. Any self-purchased tickets will not be reimbursed, so do not proceed to any travel reservations without consulting Université de Nantes. The visa costs, on the other hand, will be reimbursed on presentation of the original documents.

Remember that no travel tickets will be booked until we have received the scanned copy of your visa.